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Know more goldmine 928 massage.

Our think tank attends every detail
to reach for five-star standard.

  • Mission

    In the spirit of “Service Supreme and Customer First”, and by assuming the role of integrating traditional Chinese medicine into modern technology, 928 Goldmine aims to bring alive the orthodox finger pressing massage techniques in a delicately designed software & hardware space, where the clientele may emerge in a world of blissful tranquility and relaxation.

    Our think tank attends every detail to reach for five-star standard. Carrying an intimate, easy-to-remember Chinese tone, “928 Goldmine” tries to inspire the clientele to the idea that our bodies are the everlasting (9 in Chinese) and (2 in Chinese) prosperous (8 in Chinese) “goldmine” available to us if only we know how to tap into it.

  • Innovation

    In the conception of space designing, we have focused greatly on innovation. Because we want our customers to feel the honorary respect we have for them. We want our customers to enjoy and relax in the carefree and pure ambience that is rarely found in ordinary life situations.

    The perfect match of oriental and western moods, be it hardware or software, and the serene Zen spirit marrying in unison with the unrestrained post-modernism are here await your personal experience.

  • Philosophy

    A successful business doesn’t come easy, 928 Goldmine is no exception. In addition to providing quality environment, we set the strictest standard in every detail, starting from reception counter, through interaction with the customers, to the completion of each session, we give the customers a sense of home-away-from-home feeling.

    Mr. Chen Guan-li, founder of 928 Goldmine, knows too well how foot massage can benefit the body since being a frequent regular to many parlors himself. Witnessing the under-standard environment, limited service range, which focus mostly on bodywork, the insufficient attention to sanitation and equipment, and the mixed quality of professionals of the average parlors, Mr. Chen was determined to create an ideal foot massage parlor which can delivery the wholesome personal care and the healing efficacy that the customers desire. After careful searching for site and assessment, he found the excellent location.

    To realize his ideal, Mr. Chen attentively went through the whole process ranging from architecture, equipments, interior decoration, to gardening. With his background as a successful constructer, Mr. Chen incorporated a lot of innovative ideas (e.g. electric armchair, exclusive chair-installed LCD TV, and recessed on-seat foot soaking mode) with architectural aesthetics, gardening, installation arts, and live music into the whole settings.