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To know more about the secrets of massage.

Foot Massage Origin

What is foot massage after all, you may ask? Well, the root of foot massage may be traced back 5000 years to the “examining foot method” recorded in “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine.“ Then, in Han dynasty more than 2000 years ago, the Holy Doctor Hua Tuo in his classic “Hua Tuo Secret Manual” also designated foot massage as “the way of foot-heart”.

Later in Yuan dynasty, Hua Bai-ren first began to popularize it with the publishing of his classic “The Fourteen Channels.

  • What are the benefits people can get from foot massage?

    As a non-invasive treatment, foot massage, based on the theory of reflexology, enhances our health in a progressive way without taking medicine and no comprehension of infection, or side effect.。

  • Who is qualified to receive foot massage?

    People of both sexes and all ages are qualified to receive foot massage, except that the force and duration of application should be varied in accordance with recipient’s physical condition.。

  • Is there a proper frequency to receive foot massage?

    Yes, there is. Generally, we recommend once or twice a week, because the metabolism cycle of drainage, regeneration, and replenish takes time to complete.。

  • When is the best time to have a foot massage session?

    We may have a foot massage session any time of the day but we should try to avoid receiving it within 30 minutes after meal.。

  • Does it hurt in receiving foot massage?

    Not if the force applied to your foot not exceeding the extent that it will cause a slight sense of soreness and numbness. Although there are two factors that must be taken into account: First, the reflexologist’s hands movement and his/her accuracy of recognizing the reflex points. Second, the force limit that the recipient’s can endure.。

  • What is the appropriate force during foot massage session?

    It depends on individual’s physical tendency and need. For a beginner, moderate force is well enough, you can ask to increase the force gradually once you get accustomed to it.。

  • If my foot aches during the session, does that mean there is anything wrong with my physical condition?

    No, aches don’t necessarily mean illness or disease. Inversely, no ache doesn’t necessarily mean health either. We try to judge health by the degree of crystallization accumulated in the reflexology zone, not by the aching sensation. Better yet, it is advisable that we should consult a physician for that matter.。

  • Can foot massage cure disease?

    In accordance with Physician Act, any individual not equipped with medical knowledge or any non-medical professionals shall be prohibited from practicing medicine. In accordance with related law, foot massage is categorized as “folklore therapy,” which is not medical practice. Foot massage has been regarded as a means to recover our health by improving the physique condition. Most of the illnesses or disorders that people inflicted such as headache, gastrological disorders, poor sleep quality, and weak respiratory tract are to a great degree caused by internal stress and external factors. Fortunately, we can improve our health and enjoy a disease-free life by regular foot massage.。

  • What’s the difference between the effects of herbal essence and cream?

    With cream, it only functions to lubricate the foot skin while herbal essence produces a broad range of effects that cream cannot. The unique relaxing characteristic of herbal essence makes it easier to penetrate cuticle layer of the foot and activate nerve endings thus stimulate blood circulation. This is extremely effective in dealing with edema, poor blood circulation, varicose vein, and large amount of subcutaneous fat cumulation. With proper massage technique, the highly penetrating herbal essence will work its way deep into hypoderm tissue and brings out an invigorating effect within 2~3 minutes.。